WW2 Project

World War II Game

I’ve always enjoyed grand strategic war games, and I love my iPad. But unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a WW2 war game on a strategic scale, with the depth I want, on the iPad. So, I’ve decided to write one.

I’m still early in the process. To-date, I’ve been working on map building, and generating a musical score.


For the music, I’m planning on using a combination of orchestral classical music, and perhaps some personally composed background music. I’ve discovered a couple of open source programs which work really well. Musescore is a program which allows you to enter sheet music, and generate a midi file from it. These can be imported into a second program, called LMMS. LMMS allow you to arrange multiple tracks, and generate an audio output file.

The “Map”

The scope of the game will include the whole world, and all participants in the European and Pacific theaters. As a result, the map is huge. In fact, most windows programs won’t can’t even handle an image that size. I’m using a free graphics editing program called “Paint.Net” to build the map. The full map takes about 3gb of memory to render. Clearly, I can’t use a single image to represent the map in-game.

The game map will be divided into countries, with each country further divided into regions. Most game activity will take place at the region level. The plan is to create a transparent image for each region, along with that region’s world coordinates. The screen “view window” will be mapped to the world coordinates, and the program will identify the regions that are visible in the current screen. These will be assembled in an off screen bitmap and then presented on screen.

I’ve written a c# program to test the concept, and it seems to be working very well. There appears to be similar capabilities in iOS, so I will port this program to Swift when I have the map done.

Next Steps

After I finish the map, I will start the research so that I can flesh out the physical map with properties such as manpower, natural resources, and manufacturing. I will continue to work on the music score as a side project for a change of pace.