America Needs a Second Declaration of Independence

America is in dire need of a second Declaration of Independence. Apparently, the first one did not stick.

We are now in the grips of tyranny far greater than any that we suffered in 1776: the ever-increasing control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Just like a frog that is placed in water that is slowly heated to boiling will not recognize its fate even as it boils to death, America is in danger of the same fate with the CCP.

The promise of cheap labor in the 70’s, started luring American Manufacturing over to China. Stores like Walmart happily imported these Chinese Goods, and America happily bought them up, not recognizing the underlying threat this represented. As more and more imports replaced domestic goods, more and more manufacturing jobs were lost.

This has resulted in the decimation of the middle class in America. The loss of the manufacturing sector has resulted in a two-tier economy. At the top are a reduced caste of white-collar workers and the extraordinarily rich. At the bottom, is a large pool of service workers, working at minimum wage jobs. Those jobs used to represent jobs taken by young Americans as part time work. Now, they are all that is available for a growing segment of the economy. This is not sustainable.

In the past, many manufacturing tasks required a great deal of manual labor. The low cost of overseas labor offset the cost of transporting the manufactured goods around the world. Now, automation has reduced the labor intensity of much manufacturing. America could bring manufacturing back and offset the increased labor costs with productivity from automation, and the savings from eliminating transport across the globe. These higher paid manufacturing workers would also become increased consumers in the American economy, providing a double benefit to America.

It’s All Made in China

The recent Chinese Coronavirus that is devastating the world has highlighted some additional risks in depending on China for critical goods. Over 97% of America’s antibiotics, and over 70% of prescription drugs are manufactured overseas. Countries like India and China have either threatened to, or halted exports of critical medical supplies, and are giving priority to their own citizens (rightly so) over America. How did we let this happen? We need to bring the manufacturing of our prescription drugs back to America.

I recently needed a new wireless router. I searched on Amazon for a replacement. One thing that surprised me, is that Amazon does not identify the country of manufacture for any of the products sold there. I discovered why. Nothing is made in America. I eventually resorted to asking questions on Amazon and got responses from people who had purchased the various routers.

I checked every single consumer router available on Amazon. All but one of them was made in China (there was a single router made in Vietnam). I have several concerns over this. First, what if there was a war or other crisis that prevented America from importing the routers? Routers are a critical piece of infrastructure, and we have no ability to produce them in America. Secondly, this is another example of us sending technology to China to be built, allowing the Chinese to steal the technology for themselves. Third, I am concerned that the Chinese could be inserting eavesdropping technology in the firmware of the routers. Why are we giving all our technology to the CCP?

Coronavirus Coverup

The CCP has demonstrated that they are a hostile foreign government. Let us start with the current Coronavirus Crisis. The CCP knew about the danger of the virus as early as October or November. Yet, they insisted that there was no human to human transfer until January 18. The CCP knew that human-to-human transfer was occurring at least by January 2.

They quarantined Wuhan but allowed hundreds of thousands of residents to travel overseas, thus creating the pandemic we are suffering from today. Fox News reports that the CCP allowed more than 430,000 people to fly from China to the USA after the virus was detected.

The CCP claimed that there was no human to human transfer even though they knew that human to human transfer was occurring. They brutally silenced their own people who tried to warn the world of the threat. The CCP handling of the coronavirus clearly shows they are a government hostile to not only the United States, but also to the world.

They purchased nearly the entire world supply of protective equipment such as disposable face masks. They bought 2.2 billion of them in January. They clearly knew the threat of the virus even as they downplayed it to the rest of the world. This almost appears to be a hostile act to cause the virus to spread to the world and destroy the world economy, increasing their global domination. They even gleefully boasted that the United States would be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus”.

It now appears it may have escaped from a Chinese Research Lab in Wuhan. Whether or not it was manmade, one concerning fact that has been disclosed is that the Chinese lab in Wuhan was performing “Gain of Function” research on coronaviruses. Gain of function research tries to increase the pathology and contagion of the virus. It is amazing to me that the world allows this type of research to be conducted. China has been trying to prevent discovery of the source of the virus, to the point of destroying evidence in the Wuhan Lab, which makes one wonder if this indeed was one of the engineered strains.

Risks to the Supply Chain

For technology we don’t outright surrender to the CCP by manufacturing in China, the CCP attempts to steal. Newsweek reported that China was using cyber attacks to steal U.S. Coronavirus research .

China has also been bribing American Professors to spy for China. One Harvard professor was recently arrested for spying for China. .

As a further example of Chinese aggression against America, China recently threatened to cut supplies of rare earth metals to the U.S. Rare earth metals are needed to produce electronics such as smart phones, and also are needed for our strategic military equipment. Unfortunately, China produces 90% of the world’s rare earth metals . The last U.S. mine closed in 2002. The U.S. is now 100% dependent on foreign sources (virtually all from China) for our needs. How did we allow a resource needed for national defense to be outsourced to China, a country that is openly hostile to the U.S.?

One thing that the coronavirus has shown us, is how vulnerable the U.S. Supply chain is. Relying on foreign powers for things we can produce ourselves is short-sighted, and even dangerous. A pandemic such as the coronavirus can cut the U.S. from critically needed materials. Japan and South Korea were quickly forced to shut auto plants due to shortages of Chinese parts . As a result, Japan has created a $2 billion fund for Japanese Industry, to support their relocation from China. Shouldn’t the U.S. be doing the same thing?

Human Rights Abuses

One thing that amazes me is how eager we are to do business with China, given their record of human rights abuses. We would never do business with a tyrannical regime like Nazi Germany. And yet, we are eager to jump into bed with China, even though they are doing horrific things to their own people, while the world sits by and does nothing.

Time reports discovering that children and mentally handicapped have been kidnapped and used for Slave Labor . China also employs slave labor with large companies like Foxconn to benefit Apple. Forbes reports that China moves Uyghur Muslims into “Forced Labor” factories. There were 240,000 recorded examples of Christian persecution in China in 2017. Reportedly, organs are illegally harvested in the amount of 90,000 from prisoners and minorities, each year. How do we allow this to continue to exist, let alone support it by buying Chinese goods?

Call to Action

Before the situation becomes even more dire, I think the U.S. needs a second Declaration of Independence. This time, from our CCP overlords. They may not be attacking us militarily, but they are certainly attacking us on all other fronts. Their public statements show they are hostile towards us. America cannot continue to allow our supply chains to be vulnerable to CCP whims. Further, we cannot stand by, and condone and support the human rights abuses which the CCP conducts every day.

I think the U.S should institute a high tariff, say 35%, on all Chinese goods. This could be implemented over time to prevent undue burden on the U.S. Economy. I think we should use the funds from those tariffs to fund the return of companies to the U.S. I think we should add a “humans rights” tax on American companies which continue to do business with China. We should not be supporting an authoritarian government which is doing unspeakable things to its own people.

I think the U.S. should demand restitution from China for willfully allowing the coronavirus to spread into a pandemic. This has cost the world economy many trillions of dollars. The first U.S. aid package alone cost $2 trillion.

And I think we need to ensure that our supply chain for all critical items can be 100% sourced in America. Never again should we be at such risk of being cut off from our medical, national defense, and technology needs.

We should require that merchants, including Amazon, show the country of origin for every product sold.

I also hope we can start looking for, and buying Made in USA. I know I will be. Nothing made in China is my new goal.

The CCP are conducting economic and biological warfare on the world. They are hostile to us. We should treat them as enemies. They are as dangerous to America as the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

As July 4 approaches, maybe we can make that day a dual celebration, for both of our Declarations of Independence.

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