Democratic Intolerance And Thug Rule Must Stop

Democratic Intolerance

Democratic Intolerance has become an ironic pillar of the Democratic Party, along side its other new pillar: Thug Rule. Instead of winning others over to their point of view through persuasive argument, they force their ideas on others through sheer intimidation. This must stop if Democrats are to regain national relevance.

Now, I guess I’m Deplorable.

I consider myself a moderate independent, but I have voted for Democratic Party Candidates most of my life. I voted for Obama, twice. But, Hillary Clinton was such a flawed candidate, that I made the decision to vote for Trump in this election. As this election wore on, I began to feel that the Democrats had gone “off the rails”, and I found myself more and more distant from what they were advocating.


First, to get this out of the way, I am white, and I am male. Apparently, that makes me a deplorable, a racist, a sexist, uneducated, and all other manner of bad things. As a white male, I now find out that the Democrats believe me to be the cause of all evils in the world. One of the finalists for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair, Sally Boynton Brown, recently said “We have to teach them how to communicate, how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white”. Seriously? We should just shut up?

Personally, I think I’m a pretty nice guy. I don’t think I’m racist. I voted for Obama twice. I don’t think I’m sexist. But, I didn’t vote for Hillary, because I feel she is deeply flawed. Beyond her mishandling of the whole email thing, she has switched side on numerous issues, lied about it, and she is in bed with Wall Street. I get the sense, in my opinion, that she is more concerned with power and selling privilege to companies and other countries, and that she doesn’t have the best interests of Americans at heart. And, I have a Bachelor of Science Degree—apparently one needs a master’s degree or better not to face the condescension of the Democratic Party.

I am also appalled at the corruption in the Democratic Party that ensured the nomination of the most flawed candidate in US history: Hillary Clinton. Were the Democrats truly so foolhardy that they thought they could nominate anyone, and they would be elected?

The New Democrat Thug Hive Mind

I am disheartened by the fact that the Democrats have resorted to rioting and violence, and haven’t respected the peaceful transfer of power that our country has been known for. Frankly, it makes me fear for American Democracy. It scares me when I see Democratic leaders encouraging violence. Clinton’s Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Tim Kaine, is imploring Democrats to “fight in the streets.” So, the Democrats lose the election, and rather than facilitate the peaceful transfer of power are now asking their supporters to riot.

Raised Fist

It frightens me, when I see 100 armed paramilitary rioters (dressed as black ninjas) damaging personal property, and injuring innocents, in order to shut down free speech. And yet, Berkeley didn’t arrest a single rioter, in spite of the laws that were being broken.

It frightens me to see an American school teacher firing a toy gun at a video of our President, shouting “Die!, Die!, Die!”. Why does this person still have a job, let alone why isn’t she being investigated by the secret service?

There have been over 12,000 Democratic tweets from the left threatening our President. Totally Unacceptable and Appalling.

It frightens me to see a teacher using her position as a teacher to rant against our President, and yet the student that reported it is facing discipline, and not the teacher that abused her position.

Unfortunately, I could include numerous other incidents. But I won’t belabor the point.

We used to be respected for our democratic process. Now we act like thugs during the transfer of power.

La, La, La, I’m not Listening

What frightens me the most, is the Democratic intolerance of any position that disagrees with the party line. I am a strong believer in free speech. Anyone should be able to discuss and explain their position. I may not agree with it, but they should be able to express it.

Instead, if anyone disagrees with any Democratic Party position, they are immediately shouted down with yells of “racist, sexist, or homophobic”. I have seen very few Democrats even willing to listen to other ideas and trying to understand the opposing point of view. I never lived through McCarthyism, but I can’t imagine anything more frightening than the shut down of ideas that we have today. I find it hypocritical and ironic that while the Democratic Party preaches tolerance, they are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them and try to shut down any opinion that does not agree with theirs.

Up Next, The News Propaganda

I find the bias in the media also disturbing. When I was younger, the media reported the news. Now they report only news that supports their positions and slant it to support their position. Watching the election coverage was very illustrative. MSNBC and CNN had the worst coverage I can ever remember. They were openly biased towards Clinton.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow started out the evening jovially enough, as she explained what Hillary would do as she became president. And, she joyfully explained why it was impossible for Trump to win. But as the evening wore on she began to lose it, and when the results were clear at the end of the night, she ended with this tirade against Trump.

Don’t You Make Me Cry!

Coloring Book Therapy

I was in shock when after the election, students were so distraught that they had to be issued coloring books and Play-Doh, or have tests canceled. Is this how we are raising our next generation of leaders? To cry when things don’t go our way? I guess this is what happens when you don’t keep score at kids’ soccer games.

Folks, in the real world, people keep score. We are not doing any favors by “protecting” our kids from the realities of the world. Are these fragile snowflakes to be the future leaders of our country?

Bathrooms, Yes! Jobs, Who Cares?

The Democratic Party is also moving away from a number of family values in favor of support for fringe lifestyles.

I am pro-life. This has long been an area where I have been in disagreement with the Democratic Party, but it was not enough, in and of itself to alienate me from the party in the past. I feel like after the point of conception, we have a human life. Abortion is just a sanitized term for killing a new life. I find it amazing that we hold ancient cultures in disdain that abandoned unwanted babies in the cold to die, while we cut out, and kill live babies in development from the womb.

The Democrats have also become obsessed with transgender bathrooms. I feel like this is a safety issue for women. There have already been numerous issues with males sneaking into women’s bathrooms under this policy.

I don’t think gays and transgenders should be discriminated against, but I don’t have to agree with the gay life style. I personally think it is morally wrong. But what I think is totally crazy is this non-binary crap. I read that there are 58 different sexes in the Democratic Party new world order. Seriously? And we aren’t supposed to use “he” or “she” anymore, but use “ze” instead. At least, that’s what Oxford University’s students want. This is so ridiculous that I’m not even going to comment on it further.

And yet, the Democratic Party has made this a major issue for the party. Really? These are our priorities? What about jobs, health care, and, terrorism? Does “which bathroom you can use” supersede those issues? To the new Democratic Party it appears to. Not to me.

Some Live Don’t Matter?

All Lives Matter

I agree that black lives matter, but I don’t agree with their methods. I ALSO believe that blue lives matter (our police), and EVEN MORE, ALL LIVES MATTER. I am so sick of the Democratic Party pandering to minorities and LGBT for votes. You can’t even say “All Lives Matter” without being shouted down.

The double standard in America is amazing. Things that would get a white male fired or arrested, go unpunished, or are even encouraged by minorities or blacks. A gaming company that I used to love, Bioware, has been infiltrated with a number of racists. One, such employee, Manveer Heir, hates whites, and openly tweets that he wants to kill white people and urinate on their corpses.

If I ever came close to saying anything like that about a minority, I would be fired immediately (rightly so). And yet, Bioware (owned by Electronic Arts) didn’t even make a public statement about his comments, and he remains employed, spouting his hate speech.

Enough With The Identity Politics!

Frankly, as much as the new Democratic Party states they are not racist, they are extremely racist. They are just racist towards white people. I guess we no longer count. Fine, you don’t have to like whites, but don’t get all surprised when we no longer vote for you.

I am totally in favor of extreme vetting of Muslim immigrants. The travel ban is even widely supported by Muslim countries in the Middle East. I am all for religious freedom, but I have have an issue with a religion whose stated goal is that you either join us, or we will kill you.

What About Protecting America?

American Flag

I do not understand why Christianity is being suppressed in this country, while we allow the most egregious Muslim actions to go on without comment. I especially don’t understand why women are so supportive of Muslims, given how they treat their women. Women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive a car. Women in Saudi Arabia cannot even go into a Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee. Gays are executed in many Muslim countries.

I also don’t agree with the illegal immigration that is being allowed to continue in the USA. Not only is this costing American jobs, but even repeat criminals are not being deported. I’m sorry, I am totally in support of the wall President Trump wants to build.

Democrats: Minus One Vote


I admit that I voted for President Trump reluctantly, but I am also willing to admit that he has exceeded my expectations in all areas. It is so refreshing to see a president who isn’t beholden to either party, and who actually get things done, and does what he promises! I give President Trump a grade of A+++ so far.

I’m not normally a political person, but the behavior of the Democratic Party during and after this election has been so atrocious, I had to vent. They have lost me as a supporter, at least until I see a major return to normalcy by the Democratic Party. For now, their primary platform appears to be rioting, violence, shutting down open discussion, attempting to subvert the U.S. Constitution, and racism against whites. Oh, and allowing males in women’s bathrooms. Sheesh.

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